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enthusiasm / энтузиазм, восторг, увлечение
имя существительное
enthusiasm, passion, ardor, steam, elation, will
delight, enthusiasm, rapture, admiration, elation, exaltation
enthusiasm, passion, interest, devotion, crush, rage
имя существительное
intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
her energy and enthusiasm for life
religious fervor supposedly resulting directly from divine inspiration, typically involving speaking in tongues and wild, uncoordinated movements of the body.
her energy and enthusiasm for life
He tries as hard as he can on the course, but given his lack of enthusiasm for the competition, that is not enough to produce his best golf.
Already it has commented on this newspaper's enthusiasm for the idea, and the endorsement of local MPs.
he had no enthusiasm for the subject
few expressed enthusiasm about the current leaders
The teaching staff had shown great enthusiasm for the project, and this added to that of the students.
However, there is no doubting his enthusiasm for this little-known genre.
In the course of her discussion she expressed her enthusiasm for taking this business.
few expressed enthusiasm about the current leaders
Can the party get out of its enthusiasm for the single currency if the public mood swings against it?