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enthuse / вызывать энтузиазм, приводить в восторг, приходить в восторг
вызывать энтузиазм
приводить в восторг
enrapture, exalt, enthuse, panic, entrance, enchant
приходить в восторг
go into raptures, enthuse, ecstasize, be in raptures
say something that expresses one's eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
they both enthused over my new look
After all, it's often more fun to rail about a terrible movie than to enthuse about a good one - but you get the idea.
At schools level, there was plenty to enthuse about.
We want to enthuse these young people to become the next generation of wealth creators in the UK.
‘We chose the schools because we wanted to enthuse these young people and make them more involved in the arts,’ she explained.
That is an attitude to enthuse about when you visit five wineries a day, and it is a jolly approach in a region that has had nothing but seriously bad press over its 2004 vintage.
A few months ago, I stood on the galleried balcony of the town hall, listening to the mayor enthuse about the place he loved.
‘It would enthuse people, there is no question,’ he said.
But how do we enthuse young people to be physically active, when a whole range of social and economic factors are getting in the way?
Early in his career I saw little to enthuse about and much to be frightened of, but in the last few matches he has got progressively stronger and his defensive strength and bravery were evident.
There was little to enthuse about in the early stages of the second period as Villa continued to probe more in hope than with any conviction.