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enthrone / возводить на престол
возводить на престол
enthrone, throne
install (a monarch) on a throne, especially during a ceremony to mark the beginning of their rule.
Still, don't go calling her a fool just yet, even if you feel safely enthroned in your conviction that marriage has only one definition - namely yours.
Data on the social origins of the hierarchy appointed between Peter's death and Catherine the Great's enthronement in 1762 are meager.
Poor Richard had to do the embarrassing thing of withdrawing the invitation he had extended to me and inviting me instead to preach at his enthronement in the evening rather than at his consecration in the morning.
These political leaders were trying to press the King, enthroned after the gruesome massacre, to rectify his errors.
The question asked by a thirteen-year-old in a catechism class I taught many years ago was prompted by a depiction of Father and Son enthroned , with the Spirit as a dove hovering in the background.
He describes how, at the age of six, he found himself enthroned in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa.
She sat on the porch enthroned in a rocking chair with her feet propped up, and had two long, slow cups of coffee.
Our God is not a remote being who sits enthroned on some ethereal height, absorbed in the contemplation of his own perfection, oblivious to this grubby realm in which we live.
He was not officially enthroned because he said he was not comfortable with the regal connotations - the first bishop to say so.
Father, a large work, shows Dad enthroned on a chair, two children at his side.
The center of her attention was always Sainte Foy, who was martyred in the fourth century at the age of twelve and became the glory of this village after her remains were transferred and enthroned there five centuries after her death.