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enthralling / захватывающий, увлекательный, увлекающий
имя прилагательное
exciting, spectacular, breathtaking, thrilling, engrossing, enthralling
enthralling, absorbing, engrossing, intriguing
имя прилагательное
capturing and holding one's attention; fascinating.
an enthralling bestseller
capture the fascinated attention of.
she had been so enthralled by the adventure that she had hardly noticed the cold
What is more, the use of a black panel in the background had an enthralling effect.
A lone tourist baked in the sun as he lost himself in what must have been an enthralling book.
This has been quite simply enthralling television.
For me it was a source of enthralling empathy.
The Diablo games haven't exactly carved out their niche in gaming history with their rich, enthralling narratives.
The sight this shower presents on Earth is expected to be enthralling .
The most enthralling aspect of No Direction Home was undoubtedly Dylan's willing participation.
Certainly enthralling is the 14-minute, emotionally soaring offering from vocalist Khan.
Providing the Games continue free of security problems, the next fortnight promises to be enthralling .
The color plates of hundreds and hundreds of species are breathtaking and enthralling .