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entertainment / развлечения, развлечение, угощение
имя существительное
entertainment, gaiety, avocation, corn
entertainment, amusement, game, distraction, diversion, pleasure
treat, entertainment, spread, regale, layout, chummage
имя существительное
the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.
everyone just sits in front of the TV for entertainment
Readers like to be entertained and good entertainment requires conflict.
clowns provided the entertainment
As much watching tennis is entertaining, it still comes first as a sport - not entertainment .
It is updated daily with news, sport, features, entertainment , columns and business.
Its focus may also be changed to incorporate more sport and entertainment .
They did not have enough money to pay for family entertainment or recreation.
the local Comhaltas branch will provide musical entertainment
everyone just sits in front of the television for entertainment
Literary people can sometimes be very snobbish about reading for pure pleasure, for entertainment .
Now, the company's client base covers almost every facet of sport and entertainment .