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entertainer / конферансье, эстрадный артист
имя существительное
entertainer, compere, master of ceremonies, emcee
эстрадный артист
entertainer, artist
имя существительное
a person, such as a singer, dancer, or comedian, whose job is to entertain others.
Cultural life in the township is remarkably rich, bursting with accomplished singers and entertainers .
she's a good entertainer
He knows that he is a performer, an entertainer whose love of animals is matched only by his love of magic.
After leaving Oxford, Andy was determined to work as a musician and be an entertainer .
He was also a singer and entertainer and performed at many concerts in the locality.
For the next month the centre will play host to dozens of entertainers and performers.
The event was spectacular and well produced as entertainers performed to their utmost.
A host of talented musicians and entertainers will perform at the show, which takes place in Central Park.
Children can discover poems with entertainers , watch a puppet show, get their faces painted and help create a wall of poetry.
It was a great variety show with top notch actors and entertainers doing what they do best - hamming it up.
Music-making was mainly in the hands of a few itinerant singers and entertainers at fairs and in taverns.