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entertain / развлекать, принимать, угощать
entertain, amuse, distract, recreate, divert, beguile
accept, take, receive, adopt, assume, entertain
treat, regale, feast, entertain, wine and dine, stand
supply, feed, nourish, feed on, entertain, harbor
occupy, take, hold, borrow, engage, entertain
provide (someone) with amusement or enjoyment.
a tremendous game that thoroughly entertained the crowd
give attention or consideration to (an idea, suggestion, or feeling).
Washington entertained little hope of an early improvement in relations
Granted, the novel isn't gleeful, but there's enough levity to entertain the idea of lasting love.
When he came into her life, she had reached a stage where she was completely happy not to entertain the idea of marrying again.
They will entertain the kids and accompany them on special bear trails.
They are easy to maintain, and can entertain their owners and themselves for hours.
I longed to tell them the game had most likely been made to entertain babies, but I resisted.
The event manager provides volunteers who entertain the children and make sure the adults also have fun.
They maintain the enviable skill of being able to entertain an audience young and old.
You say there are some compelling reasons to at least entertain the idea of lifting the ban.
It allows us to entertain the idea of rebellion, diffusing that feeling without having to act upon it.
she began to entertain doubts