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enterprising / предприимчивый, инициативный
имя прилагательное
enterprising, adventurous, pushing, up-and-coming, go-ahead
initiative, enterprising, pushing
имя прилагательное
having or showing initiative and resourcefulness.
some enterprising teachers have started their own recycling programs
Unemployed and facing the dole queue, this enterprising young man decided to set up his own business.
Then the questions of how we achieve an enterprising and dynamic Scotland become more obvious and the answers simpler.
The Scottish film industry may be small, but is recognised globally as creative, enterprising and skilled.
What this team of enterprising young men do is to bring together components and assemble units at their place.
Pearson was an enterprising individual and demonstrated great conviction in his way-out proposal.
This was a group of enterprising employees doing a spoof of their office.
How refreshing it was to meet such enterprising and caring youngsters who care for their community and enjoy improving it.
It is also credited to his enterprising spirit that many such dreams are materialised.
To a contrary effect, the press has grown far more enterprising as it has become much more difficult to keep in line.
Much more attention needs to be given to encouraging enterprising attitudes in young people and their teachers.