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enterprise / предприятие, предпринимательство, предприимчивость
имя существительное
enterprise, undertaking, facility, shop, concern, outfit
enterprise, pushfulness, push, snap, get-up
имя существительное
a project or undertaking, typically one that is difficult or requires effort.
a joint enterprise between French and Japanese companies
a business or company.
a state-owned enterprise
Equally clear is the need to support and develop local enterprise and entrepreneurship.
So bold an enterprise , so boldly undertaken, is bound to provoke not merely thought but dissent.
This made farming a joint enterprise with each benefiting from the other.
It is also an enterprise that complements other positive environmental, farming and rural development schemes.
I want to pay tribute to that effort and spirit of enterprise .
In contrast, a creditor is a commercial enterprise or a person to whom money is owed.
It shows enterprise and the ability to get on with other people, and these are often better guides to character than academic achievement.
In addition, representatives from local enterprise companies have attempted to dispel Edinburghers' ideas.
a state-owned enterprise
Potentially damaging splits have emerged on some local enterprise company boards.