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enter / вводить, входить, вступать
enter, input, introduce, inject, set, bring in
enter, go in, come in, login, get into, enter into
enter, join, engage, enter into, contract, go into
имя существительное
выход на сцену
come or go into (a place).
she entered the kitchen
begin to be involved in.
in 1941 America entered the war
write or key (information) in a book, computer, etc., so as to record it.
children can enter the data into the computer
имя существительное
a key on a computer keyboard that is used to perform various functions, such as executing a command or selecting options on a menu.
The games are rather shallow and require only the use of the four arrow keys and the enter key on your keyboard, or a couple of buttons on your controller.
The dreams of the younger players were already losing their sparkle just when they were about to enter a World Cup arena for the first time and should be savouring every moment.
Where phones lose out to palmtops is screen size, the ease with which you can enter information and flexibility in choice of software.
As they exit from the stage, enter three beautiful women from Ukraine, dressed in vibrant costumes.
This was during the visit of the Lady Nelson, under Captain John Murray, the first European vessel to enter Port Phillip Bay.
you're not allowed to enter the pitch
Secondly, you can deliberately enter information about yourself into a digital profile.
There's been much confusion over the pledging process and I will happily get you registered and enter the amount you stipulate.
I feel butterflies in my belly as I watch William Hutt enter from up stage center greeted by a long round of applause.
Should you wish to enter the World Handwriting Contest next year, please visit their website.
To enter into dialogue with a culture that does not possess the ontological security of majority cultures is to enter a representational space of intimacy.