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entente / согласие, соглашение
имя существительное
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, entente
agreement, convention, deal, arrangement, contract, entente
имя существительное
a friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions.
the growing entente between former opponents
But basically our understanding is good and the entente is without any doubt friendly.
The ensuing Paris - Bonn entente has dominated the European Community ever since, withstanding all subsequent changes including the expansion of the Community, the collapse of communism, and the unification of Germany.
Fables for the Holy Alliance attacked the post-Napoleonic entente between Russia and Austria.
An entente with Russia in 1907 followed from the ties with France and concerns about competition with the Tsarist regime in Asia, and growing antagonism with Germany set the pattern for war.
We noted earlier the ambivalent consequences of the entente policy pursued by Lord Lansdowne, Balfour's foreign secretary, and between 1905 and 1914 by Sir Edward Grey for the Liberals.
Some historians have therefore been critical of the regent's foreign policy because of its emphasis upon an entente with the maritime powers consummated by the signing of the Triple alliance in 1717.
the unsuccessful scheme to lure Greece into the war on the side of the entente
Enthusiasm for the English evaporated, while Arran came to an entente with the French, represented by James's widow, Mary of Guise-Lorraine, who ultimately became queen regent in 1554.
Gradually a sort of entente seemed to grow between it and the colonial enemy.
the emperor hoped to bring about an entente with Russia