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entanglement / запутанность, запутывание, заграждение
имя существительное
involvement, entanglement, complexity, intricacy, complication, involution
barrage, boom, fencing, entanglement, obstruction, blockage
имя существительное
the action or fact of entangling or being entangled.
many dolphins die from entanglement in fishing nets
Elizabeth, 11, barely speaks, and she views her adoption by the Sheridans as just another temporary situation, to be endured without emotional entanglement .
In a few cases, biologists found evidence of ship strikes (propeller cuts) or entanglement in fishing gear.
Litter poses a threat to dolphins, whales, turtles and seabirds by entanglement in and ingestion of plastics.
Humpback recovery looks strong, but threats such as boat traffic, entanglement in fishing gear, sonar noise, and disruption of habitat and food supply remain.
It's a fairly cold action film, strong on car chases and killing, but without much emotional entanglement .
He begins affairs with two women - a romantic entanglement which ends in tragedy.
A new report reveals that Tanzania's population of dugongs is on the verge of collapse as a result of accidental entanglement in gill nets.
It takes into account the inherent entanglement of psychophysical systems and the fact that such systems have their own history.
But even in these most remote outposts, threats are growing from offshore fishing pressures and entanglement in long-lines.
A burst of gunfire swept the ground to his left, several rounds zinging off the barb wire entanglement to the left of the path that had been cleared through the wire by the pioneers in preparation for the assault.