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entangle / спутать, запутывать, впутывать
entangle, mix up, garble, mull
tangle, entangle, foul, knot, kink, ravel
involve, implicate, entangle, mix, embroil, mix up
cause to become twisted together with or caught in.
fish attempt to swim through the mesh and become entangled
Otto returned to Rome in 997, reinstalled Gregory and made Rome his capital, which would displease the Germans and entangle him in fierce Roman factional politics.
Before now scientists only managed to entangle a few atoms close together, raising a question mark over the practicality of quantum technology.
The act was also not supposed to entangle reporters in a net of prison sentences, either as recipients of leaks or as disclosers in their own right.
Current-day Zen writers often seem to cloud their writing with an overlay demonstrating their likableness or they entangle themselves in a scholarly snarl.
He growled in annoyance as he hacked through an appendage trying to entangle his legs.
Inspired by South American cowboys, some forces deploy bolas, several yards of rope weighted with rubber balls, to entangle a suspect's legs.
As suits a major drama, Bruce is entangled in a complex web that makes him feel more a victim than someone in control.
All she needed was the reassurance that the girl was not entangled in a messy relationship.
We have told both parties repeatedly, publicly and loudly to get out of our way and stop entangling our campaign with their schemes.
Otway is doing all it can to persuade local fishermen to cut penguins free from their nets when they get entangled with a catch.