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enslave / поработить, порабощать, закрепостить
enslave, subjugate, enthrall, thrall, enfetter, beslave
make (someone) a slave.
If you have a religion, a belief system or a traditional practice that enslaves people, puts them in servitude and reduces their dignity, then you violate our national constitution.
He had sworn when he was seven years old that no one would ever enslave him again.
The few humans on top have chosen to enslave the masses and keep them ignorant.
Just as they are bond slaves to sin, so they seek to enslave us similarly.
For example, my ancestors came to this country during the wave of mass immigration in the early part of the 1900s - they certainly didn't enslave anybody and neither did their ancestors.
Why should we support religiously intolerant regimes that virtually enslave women and persecute nonbelievers to death?
It was perfectly acceptable, or at least conceivable, to make war on, exterminate, or enslave colored people.
Adams, the farmer's son who despised slavery and practiced the kind of personal economy and plain living commonly upheld as the American way, was scorned as an aristocrat who, if he could, would enslave the common people.
It was given the freedom to enslave itself, not true freedom to develop.
Tyrants rise and enslave the spirit of freedom.
His fighters laid siege to a country's cities, starved and enslaved its people, and sowed its fields with mines.