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ensign / прапорщик, знамя, флаг
имя существительное
banner, flag, standard, ensign, colors, pennant
flag, banner, colors, ensign, pennant, standard
имя существительное
a flag or standard, especially a military or naval one indicating nationality.
The Blue Ensign is not the ensign of the Royal Naval Reserve as such, as is sometimes stated.
a commissioned officer of the lowest rank in the US Navy and Coast Guard, ranking above chief warrant officer and below lieutenant.
All Sailors will be given a clear career roadmap, outlining how they progress from seaman to master chief, or from ensign to admiral.
Just to make things complicated, their ensign - the lowest commissioned rank in the British army - was a lieutenant-general, one of the highest in the world of real soldiers.
ROTC is an elective course of study, taken in conjunction with any academic major that, upon graduation, leads to a reserve commission as a second lieutenant in the army, air force, or Marine Corps or an ensign in the navy.
However, he has struck a deal with the management and now his ensign , the black flag sporting the skull and crossbones, will be hung out each night.
The Blue Ensign is not the ensign of the Royal Naval Reserve as such, as is sometimes stated.
The ensign at tactical reported ducking as the panel behind him exploded.
My first full time job was as an ensign in the US Navy Reserve on active duty when I graduated from University.
I cannot say enough about what the national ensign means to me.
At the annual general meeting at the club's lodge at Thredbo on May 17, members raised the ensign on the new flag pole installed at the lodge.
Born in Ireland, presumably in Dublin, he became an ensign in the Northumberland Fusiliers in 1745.
And get that Guild flag down and hoist the black ensign !