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enshrine / хранить, помещать в раку, лелеять воспоминание
store, keep, guard, preserve, retain, enshrine
помещать в раку
лелеять воспоминание
place (a revered or precious object) in an appropriate receptacle.
relics are enshrined under altars
When the time came to enshrine the relic, however, it split in two.
As before, our constitution is said to enshrine the idea of Parliamentary Government.
About 27 km from here is Nathdwara, which has a 12th century temple which enshrines a unique black stone image of Lord Krishna.
It enshrines the past and captures images for posterity.
In principle, its objectives were commendable, enshrining the idea that government information belonged to the people whose taxes paid for it to be generated.
Indeed, this notion is found enshrined in legislation in different parts of the world.
Until recently the right to land traditionally worked was enshrined in the Brazilian constitution.
The most elaborate and expensive life cycle rituals are associated with death, burial, and the enshrinement of ancestors.
That might still prove to be the case if the judges reached agreement with the Government and the necessary protection was enshrined in statute, he said.
Rather, it means the constitutional enshrinement of the principle of national and cultural and ethnic and religious tolerance.