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ensconce / укрывать, укрываться, устраивать уютно
harbor, cover, shelter, conceal, shield, ensconce
shelter, take cover, ensconce, nestle, pavilion
устраивать уютно
establish or settle (someone) in a comfortable, safe, or secret place.
Agnes ensconced herself in their bedroom
I intend to ensconce myself in a nice hotel looking out on Central Park on Saturday and Sunday.
His pre-tournament preparation had included ensconcing himself in a Buddhist monastery for a week.
Meanwhile, all the other people are ensconced in their homes, rationing out the milk and bread.
Come Saturday, we were ensconced in our New York hotel when we spied delightful snowflakes.
Or maybe you're happily ensconced in a warm and loving relationship?
I have a big project which I can't undertake until we're ensconced in somewhere stable.
Ken is conveniently ensconced in his very own bachelor pad.
A single mother and her daughter are happily ensconced on a Greek island, preparing for the daughter's wedding.
It has just ended in divorce, but both their sons are happily ensconced at their Grammar School.
I was ensconced on the sofa reading the paper when its shrill beeping tone drifted down the stairs.