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enrollment / регистрация, зачисление, вербовка
имя существительное
registration, recording, record, registry, enrollment, notification
enrollment, enrolment
recruitment, enrollment, draft, enrolment
имя существительное
the action of enrolling or being enrolled.
the amount due must be paid on enrollment in October
the amount due must be paid on enrollment in October
Now I'm going to read some course schedules and enrolment guides.
Back in 1997, Congress passed a program of higher-education tax credits aimed at raising college enrollments .
All prospective students are to be accompanied by a parent/guardian and have all relevant enrolment forms completed.
Due to the enlargement of college student enrollments , it becomes more and more difficult to get a job.
If you wish to enrol your child please collect enrolment form at the Playgroup between 9a.m. and 2.30p.m.
Average annual wages were higher in community colleges with higher enrollments .
It is also important to realize that enrollments in community colleges are generally higher than in the past and enrollment numbers may reflect new demographics as much as anything else.
Parents who have children starting school in September should contact the school for enrolment forms, during school hours.
While the number of faculty positions decreases, enrolment levels continues to increase each year.