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enrich / обогащать, улучшать, удобрять
enrich, concentrate, upgrade, treat, wash, dress
improve, better, refine, perfect, improve on, enrich
fertilize, nourish, manure, enrich, dung, dress
improve or enhance the quality or value of.
her exposure to museums enriched her life in France
make (someone) wealthy or wealthier.
top party members had enriched themselves
Surface fires then are lit to kill off saplings, reduce fuel loads, enrich the soil with nutrients, and bring fire back to the forest.
You share your wisdom and experience with others and enrich the quality of your work and relationships.
Their aim is to improve and enrich the education of children and to support the involvement of parents in their children's education.
The goal would be to improve body composition, increase muscle strength and enrich the quality of life.
To address the deficiency problem, food manufacturers enrich flour, maize, and rice and fortify breakfast cereals with iron.
I am not in the business of trying to enrich people who would like to sit in the middle as bureaucrats, as sort of quasi-political business people.
The probe centres on the 3,500 partnerships and other affiliates created by the company to hide debt, inflate profits, push up share values and enrich top executives.
Tax policy must be stood on its head: from a means of plundering the people to enrich the millionaires and big business, it must become the instrument for a radical redistribution of wealth.
Remember, he was an MP for a government who had passed the legislation with the express intention of enabling poorer people to become homeowners, not to further enrich millionaires.
one may enrich the echinus of a Doric capital with the egg and dart motif