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enquiry / запрос, спрос, дознание
имя существительное
request, query, inquiry, demand, message, interpellation
demand, inquiry, request, market, run, call
inquiry, inquest, quest, disquisition, interrogative
имя существительное
an act of asking for information.
the deluge of phone inquiries after a crash
there will be a government enquiry into the accident
her mind was buzzing with possible lines of enquiry
There is wild talk of inquiries and commissions of investigations in the air.
Police said they were following a line of inquiry that one person was responsible for the crime.
It is hoped the reconstruction will jog some memories and bring in some information to help the inquiry .
If the Hutton inquiry is any indication, the British hunger for information might be insatiable.
Rail investigators are still examining the cause of the crash, with inquiries focusing on the faulty points.
The public inquiry held in January examined two applications for the development.
We frequently get inquiries over the phone from investors wanting information.
In an investigation of this nature there will be hundreds of similar lines of inquiry .