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enquire / спрашивать, исследовать, узнавать
ask, question, inquire, demand, interrogate, inquire for
explore, investigate, examine, study, research, inquire
learn, recognize, know, inquire, find out, get to know
ask for information from someone.
“How well do you know Berlin?” he inquired of Hencke
investigate; look into.
the task of political sociology is to inquire into the causes of political events
they'll enquire into the whole matter
the task of political sociology is to enquire into the causes of political events
Even when going about their business, Ugandans will take the time to stop and greet people properly, inquiring after their health and their family - a far cry from the Western culture of ‘no time to chat’.
Like Schwab, it will give more information if the customer inquires .
Only if they have already booked an illegal alien for a felony or for multiple misdemeanors may they inquire into his status or report him.
We rang at noon on the day, inquiring after a table, and were lucky to get one of the few that remained.
He's not got a price on his head and he's a valuable member of our squad but people are inquiring .
She returned moments later, empty handed but inquiring : ‘What wine did you order, again?’
I was irritated, and almost inquired about what was so comical, but I held my tongue.
Gently, she knelt down to the defeated man's level, and inquired about the money.