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ennui / скука, тоска, внутренняя опустошенность
имя существительное
boredom, bore, tedium, ennui, weariness, monotony
yearning, anguish, melancholy, depression, longing for, ennui
внутренняя опустошенность
имя существительное
a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.
The physical environment itself is a crucial factor in the creation of unhappiness, ennui , anger, alienation and despair.
The books always had a point, even in their pain and desolation and ennui , he found comfort in their purpose.
How can we overcome the general ennui associated with the thought of another incredibly boring day ahead of you?
he succumbed to ennui and despair
I think I had a lingering sense of ennui that wasn't helping me stay energized and positive about my job.
So, shouldn't a fellow, consigned to years of ennui , be allowed the reading material he chooses?
Schultz is a man facing old age and his looming mortality with a dim sadness that seems to complement his general ennui .
Personally, I found it quite dull, but then I suffer from financial ennui .
Partly it's just a recovery attitude after a very busy month, but it's more than that; ennui perhaps.
It's the kind of ennui that ultimately affected his friend Vieira, who has been reinvigorated by his move to Italy.
But for those who are privileged to get their life extended forever, will boredom and ennui not set in?