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ennoble / облагораживать, жаловать дворянством
ennoble, elevate, refine, dignify, humanize, subtilize
жаловать дворянством
give (someone) a noble rank or title.
When he was ennobled in 1964, someone remarked he should take the title Lord Corridor of Power.
To walk on another world, or even to make the attempt, would ennoble every member of the human race.
the theatre is a moral instrument to ennoble the mind
the theater is a moral instrument to ennoble the mind
We live by telling our own story, and that story can either ennoble us or demean us.
I can also urge you to live now in the knowledge that your son's passing ennobles our nation, just as I trust it will now ennoble you.
Less than eight years after Anne had become Queen of England and brought about the ennoblement her father had so desperately sought, not one member of the immediate Boleyn household had survived.
Meanwhile - long before any of his music appeared in print - he was ennobled and, in 1702, made Chevalier de l' Ordre de Latran.
But cultured Germans did believe that art ennobled a people, and I would like to believe it too.
The family was ennobled and, in 1546 attained a peak of prosperity.
We know that neither success nor suffering ennobles people.