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enmity / враждебность, вражда, неприязнь
имя существительное
hostility, animosity, enmity, animus, ill will, spite
enmity, feud, animosity, antagonism, opposition
dislike, distaste, enmity, disaffection, objection, spite
имя существительное
the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.
enmity between Protestants and Catholics
It was a military truce, but of course the political enmity persisted.
Years of hatred and enmity were unleashed in the suicidal battle over Mongolia.
There he drove home his message that this had to be the focus if the decades of enmity between the countries were to be ended.
There had been a few attempts to sedate enmity in advance.
Further change may even see the disappearance of religious enmity from our press boxes - or maybe that's too much to ask.
In other cases, there would be fierce debate, enmity and bitter recrimination.
By far the person radiating the most resentment and enmity was Will.
The locals said the family has no strong enmity with the accused.
There may, however, be more to the conflict than just historical enmity .
The two debates engaged major personalities in the discipline and a similar degree of enmity and venom.