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enlist / завербоваться, вербовать, заручиться поддержкой
enlist, join
recruit, enlist, enroll, beat up, muster in, enrol
заручиться поддержкой
enlist, enlist support
enroll or be enrolled in the armed services.
he enlisted in the army
They plan to enlist the support and cooperation of scientific organizations around the world.
Often frustrated by the lack of information on the subject, he tried to enlist the help of foreign experts but with little success.
They hope to enlist the help of more people in the community to bring court action against the dealers.
Two basic strategies have been used to enlist the assistance of the courts.
Now they want to enlist the help of young people in the town to encourage school leavers to study in Swindon.
He ordered me to enlist Wallace's support for one of his regular press conferences.
In May 1982 Sharon he flew to Washington to enlist President Reagan's support.
When Mark Parchment enlisted in the Royal Marines he was made to carry a spear on parade.
As soon as he finished high school, he enlisted in the Army.
After house jobs at Cardiff Royal Infirmary he enlisted in the Royal Air Force and was posted to India for most of the Second World War.