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enlighten / просветить, просвещать, информировать
enlighten, illuminate
inform, apprise, enlighten, instruct, apprize
give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.
Christopher had not enlightened Frances as to their relationship
Please enlighten me on this subject as I am in need of clarification.
Solid has gone on a spiritual pilgrimage to some mountainous area in Tibet to enlighten his inner-self, and spend plenty of time learning the ancient martial arts techniques with a load of orange-robed monks.
This should further enlighten scientists' understanding of the causes of sudden infant deaths, according to the authors.
I don't understand this statement… can you please enlighten me?
I think it is my responsibility to enlighten people on a spiritual level.
I sometimes wonder if that knowledge would enlighten me, make things clearer.
Could anyone enlighten me here or give me any more information?
Mrs Annan says she had no knowledge of those allegations and Dame Augusta did not enlighten her.
She hopes the book and documentary will enlighten people and teach them something about themselves and their relationships.
Candles burned every where to enlighten the room.