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enlargement / расширение, увеличение, укрупнение
имя существительное
expansion, extension, enlargement, widening, development, dilation
increase, magnification, enlargement, growth, rise, augmentation
enlargement, consolidation, integration, extension
имя существительное
the action or state of enlarging or being enlarged.
In sum, the changes prompted by enlargement will have a major impact upon the future shape and identity of the Union.
Pressure on farm incomes is a major factor, together with the need for enlargement of holdings in order to survive.
But these changes are necessary for enlargement , and they are not particularly major.
The Minister emphasised that Ireland is, in principle, strongly committed to enlargement .
The eastern enlargement of the EU takes place against the background of growing transatlantic tensions.
A plant's growth in size is both by cell enlargement and cell division.
Cell enlargement is also a major feature of plant growth, as we shall see.
In plants, the direction of cell enlargement determines the shape of leaves.
Everybody has agreed on the necessity of enlargement and the challenge now will be to make it work successfully.
EU officials argue the building is necessary to cope with the union's enlargement to 25 countries.
As a result of enlargement , employment prospects would improve both here and in those countries.