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enlarge / увеличивать, расширять, увеличиваться
increase, enhance, enlarge, add, magnify, augment
expand, extend, widen, broaden, dilate, enlarge
increase, grow, rise, enlarge, swell, multiply
make or become bigger or more extensive.
recently my son enlarged our garden pond
I decided to enlarge the photo to include a white field below the original image.
With the spread of the internet and the computer, people can make something, print it out and enlarge it.
In other words council will continue and seek to enlarge its land development activities.
lymph nodes enlarge and become hard
So if you want to print your own photos and enlarge some of them, you will want to have a high resolution camera and shoot at the highest resolution possible.
The liver and spleen may enlarge , so that they can be felt on either side, just below the ribs.
She was on her way back from the forensics lab where she used their dark room to enlarge the photo of their suspect.
You can print it as-is, taking up less than the full page, or enlarge it to fill the page as much as possible.
Family members continued to build up and enlarge the house over a period of 150 years.
We must also refine and enlarge our understanding of what constitutes human progress.