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enjoy / наслаждаться, пользоваться, обладать
enjoy, relish, delight, savor, revel, take pleasure in
use, enjoy, make use of, have the use of, avail oneself, exercise
have, possess, enjoy, own, be possessed of, rejoice
take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion).
Joe enjoys reading Icelandic family sagas
possess and benefit from.
the security forces enjoy legal immunity from prosecution
This gives them their only opportunity to enjoy the occasional meal out or a drink with friends.
Girls and boys aiming at university entrance enjoy the many benefits of a boarding and day school.
Neither did she enjoy the benefits, including access to a pension scheme, that he did.
As a reward, they get taken on trips and enjoy activities such as tennis lessons.
the security forces enjoy legal immunity from prosecution
Schools taking part will enjoy activities designed to promote reading as a fun activity.
Midterm break is on Monday- enjoy !
I enjoy watching good films
He said local members also still enjoy considerable further benefits in the absence of estate tax and capital gains tax.
I could never enjoy myself, knowing you were in your room alone