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enjoin / приказывать, запрещать, предписывать
order, command, tell, enjoin, direct, require
forbid, prohibit, ban, disable, disallow, enjoin
prescribe, enjoin, ordain, order, dictate, enact
instruct or urge (someone) to do something.
the code enjoined members to trade fairly
They enjoin members to be ‘gentle and compassionate, kind and courteous’.
The first is to explain why - if moral action is a hindrance to nirvana - the texts continually enjoin the performance of good deeds.
The Florida Supreme Court overruled her and enjoined her from certifying.
In the meantime, Mr. Meyer is enjoined from in any way further interfering with the flow of water in the channel from the plaintiffs’ land across his land.
At the same time, the ordinary workers were enjoined to toil even harder and sacrifice ever more in the name of national development.
The code also enjoins the rebels and the government to refrain from any provocative acts such as arrests, kidnapping and extortion.
The plaintiffs say its search service relies on methods that are too similar to their system, and are demanding an enjoinment and damages.
And the terms of reference will include an enjoinment that they stay at the tactical headquarters.
With respect to the military commissions, we were enjoined from going forward with military commissions by a district court order.
So Allah enjoins Muslims to fight those people who create hurdles on the path of creating a peaceful and just society.