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enigmatic / загадочный
имя прилагательное
enigmatic, cryptic, inscrutable, enigmatical, oracular, Delphian
имя прилагательное
difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.
he took the money with an enigmatic smile
He was the most enigmatic and the most provocative painter of the early Soviet period.
I'd only vaguely heard of the show, had never listened to it, but his enigmatic message drove me to find out more.
This news came to us from a York source who must remain anonymous to make them sound more enigmatic and exciting.
Other translators of his work have phoned me, thanking me for unpacking some of his more enigmatic sentences.
Both boys possess violent streaks, but in the end it may be the enigmatic Stewart who is the scariest of them all.
In keeping with its enigmatic image, the origins of the ritual use of the plant are also uncertain.
From the enigmatic Chancellor it was interpreted as the closest thing to a job application.
These people pop up mysteriously and deliver enigmatic messages before vanishing again.
Art lovers the world over have spent years musing over Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile.
As their names suggest, they make murky music, so quiet and enigmatic they risk going unnoticed in the corner.