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engraving / гравюра, гравирование, вырезывание
имя существительное
engraving, etching, print, plate
carving, excision, engraving, ablation
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a print made from an engraved plate, block, or other surface.
The enormous influence of his woodcuts and engravings turned the print into a significant and distinctively German art form.
cut or carve (a text or design) on the surface of a hard object.
my name was engraved on the ring
It is similar to the technique of engraving , where a line is cut straight into the metal plate by the engraver.
The early history of music-printing relates closely to printing in general and to the ancillary arts of engraving , map-making, and die-cutting for coins and medals.
Before moving to America he had worked in Chorley as an apprentice calico designer and learned the art of engraving at his father's business, who was a woollen manufacturer.
Techniques of engraving , casting, and die-stamping usually associated with silver are also employed in jewelry making.
Take your time don't rush your work - engraving is a time consuming process and some mistakes cannot be undone!
Alan could make out ornate engraving across the surface and for the first time noticed the small feet that protruded from under the rim.
There he studied painting with him and learned the Western technique of engraving .
The traditional Basque decorative arts consist primarily of woodcarving and engraving on stone.
Such qualities stood to challenge the kind of collective participation and sectional approach traditional engraving often required.
the scene is depicted in a contemporary engraving by William Hogarth