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engrave / гравировать, запечатлевать, резать
engrave, etch, grave, chase, enchase, carve
imprint, stamp, register, impress, engrave, print
cut, slaughter, kill, carve, shear, engrave
cut or carve (a text or design) on the surface of a hard object.
my name was engraved on the ring
I engrave glass professionally, we both adore music and we shall undoubtedly travel.
In order to move beyond shoemaker Lane's effort and produce globes his neighbors would be proud to own, Wilson had to learn to engrave his maps on copper plates.
Waiting for Sean in the clubhouse was a beautiful five wood golf club with a hickory shaft with his name engraved on its smooth surface.
He was soon engraving large plates of landscape views and scientific specimens for federal government reports of exploring expeditions.
I earned a distinction of sorts - in the form of a glass plaque engraved with our coat of arms and the title of the prize - but receiving it didn't feel good.
He was a prolific copper engraver and etching artist of maps and town views.
His simply read narrative style is exemplified in his 1744 series of twelve subjects from Samuel Richardson's Pamela which were engraved in 1745 and published to much acclaim.
We have seen two other examples of the waffle knife, both having different but equally elaborate engraved decorative designs.
The murder is engraved on our memories… and goes against everything that is dear to us in the Netherlands.
Floral designs formerly inlaid were now engraved and new designs including human figures and architectural scenes were introduced.