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engraft / прививать, делать прививку, внедрять
graft, inculcate, inoculate, engraft, ingraft
делать прививку
vaccinate, engraft, ingraft
embed, root, intrude, inculcate, implant, engraft
They inject me with the new bone marrow and hopefully it will engraft and start to make new, healthy cells instead of cancerous ones.
These cells were separated from other cells and then engrafted into mouse kidneys.
Barker doesn't know why one transplant wins out over the other, but the mere presence of the losing transplant seems to facilitate engraftment of the winner, she says.
Some children show signs of good engraftment initially, but ultimately reject the donor marrow.
And it could also explain why identical twins aren't truly identical; they may have very different patterns of cell engraftment as they go through life.
The clergy, by getting themselves established by law, & ingrafted into the machine of government, have been a very formidable engine against the civil and religious rights of man.
In a successful transplant the new bone marrow migrates to the cavities of the large bones, engrafts and begins producing normal blood cells.
After a second infusion, a few weeks later, all of the patients showed engraftment in one or more sites, including bone, skin and bone marrow.
God's expectations of right behaviour are engrafted into the human heart because we are made in the moral image of God.
The early classification encompasses complications that occur during the first 30 days post-transplant, including the period before engraftment of the stem cells.