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engineering / инженерия, проектирование, техника
имя существительное
design, designing, engineering, planning, projection, graphics
technique, technology, engineering, technics, mechanism
имя прилагательное
applied, engineering, economic, economical
имя существительное
the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.
The live interaction with the crew can help students envision career possibilities resulting from studying science, technology, engineering and math.
design and build (a machine or structure).
the men who engineered the tunnel
He said all avenues had been explored regarding the siting of the overflow system but underneath Wigan Road was the only possible location due to the engineering of the existing sewer system.
‘I'm not equipped to debate the engineering of such a system,’ he told me.
Are university programs in computer science and software engineering common?
Indeed, his engineering has been measured, deliberate and substantial.
It eventually aims to help 15 schools become specialists in maths and computing, technology, engineering or science.
He enjoys walking into the half-built homes and analyzing the engineering .
That's unheard of in an industry where design, engineering , and manufacturing often argue over quality problems right up until the first car rolls off the assembly line.
software engineering
The second school of thought sees school mathematics primarily as an essential prerequisite to university courses in maths, science, engineering and technology.
Historically, Shakers most skilled in design, crafts, engineering and building have devoted thought and effort to making their creations work well.