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engineer / инженер, механик, машинист
имя существительное
mechanic, fitter, engineer, mechanician, machinist, operator
driver, machinist, engineer, engine driver, mechanic, motorman
design, project, plan, engineer, scheme
create, build, establish, make, produce, engineer
contrive, meditate, plan, engineer, brew
имя существительное
a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works.
This is important to the engineers who design and build products, because it gives them a tool to determine what the future costs will be.
design and build (a machine or structure).
the men who engineered the tunnel
the prime engineer of the approach
an aeronautical engineer
He received a quickly taken free kick and managed to engineer an opportunity for himself.
It requires concerted efforts to engineer cultural change.
Brenda hadn't ceased to plot, plan and engineer his defeat, regardless if he was the only capable negotiator dedicated to the union's position.
"The new ship's engineer seems to have settled in quite well.
an aeronautical engineer
Here's how Ford is taking technology pioneered by the aircraft industry to help design and engineer better cars.
This guy is an engineer who designs and builds humanoid robots that are capable of standing and walking on their own, not just some guy who tinkers in his garage.
The engineer designing the system needs to take into account a wide range of factors in order to assure the reliability of the electrical systems.