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engine / двигатель, мотор, машина
имя существительное
engine, motor, mover
motor, engine
machine, car, engine, computer, apparatus
имя существительное
a machine with moving parts that converts power into motion.
At the time, the big advantage of petrol engines over steamed powered cars was that they required only one kind of fuel, instead of a combination of coal and water.
The futuristic sculpture, modelled on the first locomotive engine to be built at the loco works in 1888, will serve as a reminder of the town's history in industry.
exports used to be the engine of growth
Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company built the engine bearing number YG - 3358, in 1965.
The engine came complete with leather hose held together by rivets.
engine failure
So the Taxi driver got in his cab and started the engine .
The engine roared and the instrument panel in front flickered into action.
car engine
The introduction of the new engine was instrumental in keeping the Sligo fire service moving forward.
to start the engine