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engender / порождать, вызывать, зародить
generate, spawn, originate, engender, breed, beget
call, cause, induce, call forth, summon, engender
engender, rouse
cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition).
the issue engendered continuing controversy
I can not imagine returning home from watching a film and deciding to engender a child.
For example, a doctor whose relationships with other professionals are problematic may engender negative feelings among peers but still provide good care.
You engender a feeling of comfort and stability to those within your charge.
Urging prospective fathers to take care that their seed is of the right temperature to engender children of a good physical and psychological temper, Charron offers them some practical advice.
When played properly, the game can only engender feelings of joy and success amongst its participants.
Barnett is unable to lead, inspire or engender loyalty.
Although as a phrase of popular wisdom says, "one can not engender a child with mere desire".
We will build on our strengths and continue to engender a love of learning across all subjects for all our students.
When, in turn, we biologically engender a child with a partner, the two parents are equally invested and morally responsible for the child.
Many of these changes engender anxiety and fear.