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engagement / зацепление, обязательство, помолвка
имя существительное
engagement, gearing, mesh
obligation, commitment, undertaking, liability, engagement, responsibility
engagement, betrothal, affiance, contract, plight
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a formal agreement to get married.
And it won't be a formal engagement , at least not until I can get a ring.
an arrangement to do something or go somewhere at a fixed time.
a dinner engagement
the action of engaging or being engaged.
Britain's continued engagement in open trading
a fight or battle between armed forces.
Extending the conclusion of losing battles, engagements and fire fights can salvage some benefits in the greater campaign.
Due to appear in court, she chose instead to fulfil a speaking engagement at the public hall.
she'd broken off her engagement to Paul
a good long engagement to give you time to be sure
Today also marks the date of his engagement to Hilary - who is also a lollipop lady - and they will celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary on December 29.
They could have ten birthdays, an engagement and two weddings all taking place within a seven-day period.
Britain's continued engagement in open trading
It contained the two rings - one given to her almost 60 years ago on her engagement and the other for her 50th birthday.
People usually marry after a period of formal engagement that can last several years.
The enduring peace between Israel and Egypt is a testament to security and stability through effective military engagement .
Mutual obligation is therefore seen as a social or political value that can be enforced without reference to whether it involves engagement in a reciprocal economy.