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engaged / занято
имя прилагательное
busy, occupied, engaged, concerned, intent, deep
involved, engaged
absorbed, engrossed, engaged, immersed, rapt, deep
имя прилагательное
busy; occupied.
I told him I was otherwise engaged
having formally agreed to marry.
When a couple becomes engaged to be married, a ring is offered by the young man.
(of a column) attached to or partly let into a wall.
Eight pairs of piers, each with an engaged column, were to articulate the lower portico, while the upper portico was to have had eight pairs of freestanding columns.
occupy, attract, or involve (someone's interest or attention).
he plowed on, trying to outline his plans and engage Sutton's attention
participate or become involved in.
organizations engage in a variety of activities
When a couple becomes engaged to be married, a ring is offered by the young man.
The number was permanently engaged for half an hour.
I am engaged to a wonderful man who is of another culture.
I spent a good hour or more phoning various listed police telephone numbers that were all constantly engaged .
This morning I have tried ringing bus company for two hours only to find the number engaged !
The phone lines for the credit office are now constantly engaged .
Carter turns 27 this month and is engaged to be married, to a doctor.
They began as friends but things gradually progressed to a romantic relationship and now they are engaged to be married, though no date has been specified.
Learning communities provide these students with an opportunity to learn within a supportive community of engaged students and involved faculty.
This line was repeatedly engaged when we tried to call it this morning.