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enfranchise / освобождать, отпускать на волю, предоставлять избирательные права
rid, free, exempt, release, loose, enfranchise
отпускать на волю
affranchise, manumit, enfranchise, disenthrall, disenthral
предоставлять избирательные права
give the right to vote to.
a proposal that foreigners should be enfranchised for local elections
After 1860, the trend across Europe was to widen the male electorate and enfranchise women for local elections.
Their influence was enhanced by the new constitution promulgated in 1779-the first and only one in Italy - which created local assemblies of landed proprietors but did not enfranchise the mass of the population.
Through the Civil War, Sumner and Wilson strongly supported the military, and pushed President Abraham Lincoln to emancipate and enfranchise the slaves.
For Stowe, this French colonial tendency to enfranchise mixed-race slaves went hand-in-hand with the history of French slave rebellion.
They will not suddenly enfranchise women, hold elections and step aside from power.
Roman voters didn't want to enfranchise the Italians either, because it would water down their own votes.
But this did not prevent the NSW parliament enfranchising women in that same year.
In the eleventh century, many slaves were enfranchised , the greater part of whom settled in cities.
After women were enfranchised , women's political organisations such as the New South Wales based Women's Political Education League established classes in speaking and debating and ran schools for citizenship.
There is a definite link between the work women did in World War One and their enfranchisement in 1918 - though historians have questioned just how important that link was.