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enfold / обхватывать, обнимать, обхватить
enfold, brace, fold, cope, enclasp, entwine
hug, embrace, cuddle, enfold, oxter, give a hug
enfold, nestle
surround; envelop.
he shut off the engine and silence enfolded them
fold or shape into folds.
Behind him he saw the Rockies enfold the city, before him its waters ran out into the oceans of the world.
I enfold her in my embrace and gently smooth her dark locks.
He loves to enfold us in his embrace so that we feel safe to tell him everything that is in our hearts.
In her despair she cried out to him and opened her arms, begging him to enfold her in his embrace.
Certainly large enough to gently enfold 88 men, women, and children.
Two rivers, not far apart, begin north of the Himalayas; together they enfold and drain both slopes of that great range.
Forty hectares of mature trees enfold the resort.
Amid all the celebrations over their recovery, silence continued to enfold the conditions that had enabled the looting of the treasures in the first place.
Dressed in an entrancing silver brocade gown, Lucy eagerly enfolded Rachel into an embrace.
You can resist the opera's vision of redemption but you cannot resist music which enfolds you so completely in a web of sensuous twisting harmonies.