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enfeeble / ослаблять, расслаблять
loosen, weaken, relax, attenuate, reduce, enfeeble
relax, enervate, unbrace, enfeeble, emasculate, debilitate
make weak or feeble.
trade unions are in an enfeebled state
The old man is too enfeebled to make the journey, and sends his young counterpart on the voyage to retrieve the treasure.
Under constant attack and enfeebled by the bitterly cold weather, the army and its followers were gradually destroyed in the passes leading to India and only a handful escaped.
He weeps, enfeebled by the death of his most loving daughter - he refuses to believe she is gone, even as he himself dies.
And of course, once he's too enfeebled to make it to the polls he'll have lots of folks willing to vote in his name.
Once again, though with sympathy and concern this time, he was writing of a grave ailment: the pandemic enfeeblement in Australia's institutions of higher learning.
Artists dominated by reason lose all feeling, powerful instinct is enfeebled , inspiration becomes impoverished and the heart lacks its rapture.
When you are old and enfeebled your muscles don't work very well, you can't cough and you are at risk of pneumonia.
One out of three got worse - it actually enfeebled their work.
The mind or intellect seems to be enfeebled by sentiment today as your head and heart tug you in different directions.
It enfeebled us so much that even freedom from European colonisation did not make us independent and strong.