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energize / возбуждать, питать энергией, проявлять энергию
excite, stir, stir up, arouse, bring, energize
питать энергией
проявлять энергию
energize, buck up
give vitality and enthusiasm to.
people were energized by his ideas
The clasp makes contact with the other terminal of battery to energize the light source.
The deeper appreciation will motivate and energize you.
His striking of the ball is excellent for a relative novice and his enthusiasm for the game seems to energize those around him.
In a large galaxy, the black hole can reach a greater size before its surrounding gas is energized enough to stop falling in.
It is this motivation that energizes him to do his very best to make sure the students receive the best possible training.
‘It is exciting to see the kids become really interested in politics and good government; for me it has been energizing to catch their enthusiasm,’ he said.
Everyone felt connected, energized , and enthused; the team was ready to move forward.
Now the energiser that powers the electric netting that surrounds their area is malfunctioning.
I was tired and worn out, having been teaching all day, but left her, energised and full of enthusiasm.
Intense heat from gunpowder's pyrotechnic flame energizes electrons in the metal atoms and metal-containing molecules.