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endurance / выносливость, прочность, стойкость
имя существительное
endurance, stamina, staying power, hardiness, durability, persistence
strength, durability, toughness, stability, hardness, endurance
durability, persistence, stamina, endurance, fortitude, perseverance
имя существительное
the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.
she was close to the limit of her endurance
A Swindon doctor and marathon runner looks set to finish the ultimate endurance test in the Sahara Desert.
The first one went in to test his endurance and he did and came out better than his expectations.
Each step down the metal staircase, each turn at each landing, was an agonizing test of endurance .
This cross-border event is a rigorous and testing challenge of endurance and skill.
For most people, running a marathon would be the realisation of a lifetime ambition and the ultimate test of endurance .
The commonly traveled path to improved cardiovascular function and increased muscular endurance is continuous, submaximal, steady state training.
The marathon race is the big test of endurance in the Olympics.
His spirit of endurance and his determination carried him through those difficult times.
It'll take a while but any difficulty will be in testing our endurance .
And to the greatest race of all time, were the endurance of the machine is as important as the skill of the driver.