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endowment / дар, вклад, пожертвование
имя существительное
gift, grant, donation, talent, endowment, boon
contribution, deposit, investment, endowment, deposition, holding
donation, donating, endowment, contribution, offering, grant
имя существительное
the action of endowing something or someone.
he tried to promote the endowment of a Chair of Psychiatry
One quarter of pension and endowment policy holders did not realise that their money was invested in the stock market.
Pension funds and endowment policies have been hit by bonus cuts and withdrawal penalties.
First, the college made a decision five years ago, in response to the decreasing value of our endowment , five percent of which is used each year for operating expenses.
he tried to promote the endowment of a Chair of Psychiatry
The answer depends on how well or badly the endowment policy is performing and whether or not you wish to continue with it.
The argument for the latter advice being that an endowment policy pays out a lump sum on maturity.
Each of us arrives in this world with a genetic endowment primed for learning.
From a bank's point of view, life policies can broadly be divided into two types: whole life policies and endowment policies.
Edward did not grant her a generous landed endowment , and there are indications that she suffered some financial problems.
It said a £500 endowment on its own would only grow to £1,410 (assuming 7 per cent annual growth) by the time the child was 18.