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endow / наделять, одарять, обеспечивать доходом
endow, allot, vest, endue, gift, indue
endow, give, endue, gift, indue
обеспечивать доходом
give or bequeath an income or property to (a person or institution).
he endowed the church with lands
Further, had he won, he intended to use the 200 000 leva prize money to endow a church and scholarships for gifted children.
The landowner would have a very big say in who was appointed to the various livings and would frequently endow the churches and provide running expenses.
A basic purpose of higher education is to endow students with the knowledge and capacity to exercise responsible and independent judgment.
‘I endow ordinary people with love and sincerity,’ she said.
Towards the end of the 17th century, land was bequeathed by a certain John Kershaw to endow a school in Waterfoot.
The tensions within individuals and societies, within establishments and systems, endow writing with a sense of time, and in turn writing gives direction to the times.
Board members and others in the community are raising funds to endow the center in his honor.
He was instrumental in attracting funds to endow a visiting lectureship series and three professorships, the first such endowments in the College of Agriculture.
For the parent keen to endow their child with an educational edge, shared reading is an obvious stepping stone.
Later he would endow this chair with his own money.