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endorsement / индоссамент, поддержка, подтверждение
имя существительное
endorsement, indorsement, indorsation
support, maintenance, backing, aid, endorsement, boost
confirmation, acknowledgment, verification, attestation, affirmation, endorsement
имя существительное
an act of giving one's public approval or support to someone or something.
When Litan asks consumers that question, she finds that banks get the highest endorsement , with support from 47% of the public.
a clause in an insurance policy detailing an exemption from or change in coverage.
Request additional insured endorsements and certificates of insurance from all independent contractors who conduct programs in your name, or come on your premises.
the action of endorsing a check or bill of exchange.
The selling of state-owned property began in 1998, but has only recently won official endorsement .
The latter is undoubtedly the case because there is a copy of the disclaimer with an endorsement indicating that the claimant had refused to sign it.
The next phase of the transfer of power has won unanimous endorsement from the Security Council.
‘I'm absolutely delighted to receive this overwhelming endorsement ,’ he said.
This endorsement extends the liability insurance in your business automobile policy to individual employees who rent a vehicle in their own names while on your business.
Mention of companies or trade names does not constitute endorsement of a product.
See my endorsement dated June 13, 2003, attached as Schedule B to these reasons.
He immediately loved the product and offered his endorsement .
Use of brand names is for clarity only and not intended as an endorsement of one product over another.
It is difficult to see this as anything other than an endorsement of an encouragement to illegal activity.