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endogenous / эндогенный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
having an internal cause or origin.
the expected rate of infection is endogenous to the system
But the long-term goal is to create the basis for internal development and endogenous growth.
All species in this system were modeled as endogenous variables in subsequent analyses.
According to their monograph, it should not be used during pregnancy, by nursing mothers or by those with endogenous depression.
It appears that these medicines are not effective in combating symptoms of endogenous depression, which is more responsive to antidepressants.
The vast majority of mutations in human tissues are certainly of endogenous origin.
They are the main pathogenic factors of endogenous diseases.
The authors recognize that numerous factors, exogenous and endogenous to the community, can cause or contribute to these changes.
This process is mediated by endogenous factors, so forcing teenagers to bed early, or getting them up early in the morning, is contrary to their natural biological clock.
The questionnaire instead focuses primarily on endogenous factors influencing the economic system.
The endogenous variables in the system are attendance and price.