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endocardium / эндокард
имя существительное
the thin, smooth membrane that lines the inside of the chambers of the heart and forms the surface of the valves.
Only rarely does it involve the endocardium or cardiac valves.
It is characterized by the growth of a thick meshwork of fibrous tissues within the endocardium and heart valves.
The pericardium, cardiac valves, endocardium , and coronary arteries were normal.
The endocardium showed prominent endocardial fibroelastosis, particularly in sections obtained from the right side of the heart.
To clearly define the beam position, contrast agent may help identify the endocardium by attenuating the x-ray beam in the cavity.
Only rarely does it involve the endocardium or cardiac valves.
In this case, the diffraction became very weak when the beam moved from the endocardial surface into the left ventricle cavity, making it easier to identify the position of the endocardium .
The immune system usually kills these organisms, but sometimes they survive and affect the heart valve or another section of the endocardium .
It has been known that muscle fibers in a heart are arranged in such a way that their orientation changes continuously from endocardium to epicardium of the free wall.
These modified cardiac fibers lie beneath the endocardium .